Marmorino Tools XTROWEL Venetian Plaster Trowel

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Marmorino Tools XTROWEL Venetian Plaster Trowel
  • NO MORE BLACK STREAKS: We've sourced a new type of steel that ideal for applying and polishing white and light colored materials without over-burnishing or causing unsightly dark marks on the finish
  • INNOVATIVE MATERIALS TO MEET YOUR NEEDS: Customers have asked for a trowel that solves this common but frustrating problem and and this new type of steel subjects materials to very low friction, which means it causes minimal damage to the finish, even when significant pressure is applied.
  • CREATE SEAMLESS WHITE WALLS: Architects and interior design professionals are calling for uniform or "monolithic" walls that compliment rather than compete with other design elements. Use this innovative tool to apply white plasters that have little to know "movement".
  • YOUR GO-TO FOR MICROCEMENTS, RESINS, AND POLISHING WHITE VENETIAN: You don't have to worry because some of the trickiest materials to apply can now be applied with greater ease. This tool is much more forgiving than conventional steel trowels so you don't have to worry about over-polishing. Apply the way that feels right to you.
  • IMPROVED GRIP AND DESIGN, FOR EASIER HANDLING: We know your clients care about the details and so do we. You'll notice our signature shape at the front of the fork, where you rest your thumb while holding the tool. On the X-trowel, we've added a gorgeous black oxide patina to the aluminum fork you recognize from the Stilmirror Plus. We've also improved our lightweight poplar wood by adding an x-pattern that improves the grip. Professionals love wood handles because as your hand sweats, it creates a stronger grip to the wood, whereas this can cause it to slip on some rubber grip tools. Work with confidence while you're on the scaffold. 

When to Burnish

The ideal time to burnish is soon after the third coat of Venetian plaster has been applied. It should have lost it's tack but hasn't completely set. It should be starting to lighten in color but not completely lightened in color yet. It will also feel somewhat cold to the touch which tells you that there is still moisture that hasn't yet cured. Learning to look for these details is what separates the faux finishing masters so take pride in your work!


For the highest quality results, produce a couple mock-up sample boards on solid prepared pieces of MDF or drywall before starting work on your final project. Make sure you are absolutely satisfied with your results from these samples before continuing to the next step in your project.

Don't forget to check with the manufacturer of your plaster for their specific application instructions as methods and drying times may vary between different brands. You'll want to download and read their technical data sheet (TDS) to become proficient with each material.

Trowel Care

For best results every time, clean your trowel between use and check that your blade is free from scratches that may have occurred during a previous application. Some professionals choose to reserve one trowel for polishing and use a different one for the application in order to keep their Stilmirror trowel in perfect condition. If necessary, it may be possible to repair or refresh used blades by polishing up to it's original ultra-smooth condition so that you may continue to get many years of use.