Marmorino Tools Crocodile Pattern Roller

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Marmorino Tools Crocodile Pattern Roller
  • FUN ANIMAL PRINT: Use this dramatic crocodile skin pattern roller on walls, cabinets, furniture or fabric to create a beautiful statement piece.
  • GREAT FOR DIY PROJECTS: Professional faux painting tools that anyone can use to create their own accent wall, painted furniture piece or other DIY home décor project
  • SAVES TIME: Working with this crocodile roller moves much faster than using a stencil so it saves time. The extra-wide design, two-to-three inches wider than other pattern rollers, helps you cover more area too so you finish your projects faster.
  • WORKS WITH ALL PAINTS: You can use our tools with all kinds of interior and exterior paint, furniture paint, metallic paint and Venetian plaster to create your own designs and alternatives to wallpaper in your favorite colors and textures.
  • AWESOMENESS GUARANTEED: Our decorative paint rollers are manufactured in Italy from a special durable rubber material that lasts more than 3X as long as foam pattern rollers. They’re super easy to clean and reuse. And we guarantee you’ll love them.


Our decorative art rollers are an awesome way to create a unique accent wall in the colors of your choice. However, getting the right technique down may require a little practice. For the best results, practice your technique on a foam board, primed mdf board, or plastic YUPO painting paper. Make sure that you're happy with your results on your sample before proceeding to your final project.

Creating a positive stamped effect:

To create a “positive” effect, load the roller by rolling it through your paint in your tray and rolling it on your wall. This will create the pattern that you see on the roller.

Creating a negative pattern:

To create a “negative” effect, apply one-to-two coats of paint or plaster to your wall, then, while the surface is still wet. This is a great way to create a deep pattern. You can then leave it as is and it will look a little rough. You can also let the plaster start to set and come back and lightly flatten any raised surface areas that are undesirable and so that it becomes more smooth and uniform. The negative pattern technique is a great way to achieve a physical texture with the roller. You can then choose to cover it with paint, metallic paint or color wash.

Still have questions about our pattern rollers? Let us know! We're love helping our customers create awesome walls and unique furniture pieces.