Marmorino Tools Cloud Trowel for Moroccan Tadelakt Effect

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Marmorino Tools Cloud Trowel for Moroccan Tadelakt Effect
  • CREATE CLOUDY SPECIAL EFFECTS: First tool designed specifically to use with Moroccan style plasters to create cloudy swirly effects. In today’s hectic world, architects and interior designers and calling for handmade plaster finishes that stand out. Use this tool to create something unique to impress your clients.
  • ROUNDED SHAPE TO CORNERS WORK IN SEAMLESS BATHROOMS: Totally unique design, oval shape and rounded edges to burnish bullnose internal corners common in high-end seamless bathrooms and wetrooms. It's the epitome of luxury to have a handmade wall finish that goes places where tile and wallcovering cannot. Curved edges are becoming an increasingly popular feature in natural lime-based Tadelakt shower stalls and this is the right plaster trowel to deal with those pesky inside corners and add this hot finish to your portfolio.
  • WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER: Lightweight ABS plastic body and handle is easy on the arms and wrists. Troweling is hard work so we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to create the most epic wall finishes!
  • SHOW OFF YOUR STYLE: Bold pink handle because plaster finishing is not just a job. You create unbelievable walls. You’re a badass and you love what you do! Wash them, reuse them, cherish your tools.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Because our tools are backed by a 12-month worry free guarantee, this will be your favorite no-risk purchase. Our tools are designed and manufactured in Italy by pros that use them. You work hard and we work hard to bring you the very best tools so that you can go out there and absolutely crush your wall goals. BUY YOURS NOW! Perfect gift for the man or woman in your life.